Why not Unlimited;

Today, many hosting providers offer hosting packages that promise unlimited recourses (hard disk space, traffic, domains, databases emails and more all in just one package).

So why should I stick with a plan that limits my usage?

To begin with, you have to keep in mind that there is no server with unlimited resources. Even a supercomputer has its limits.

So, the only way to ensure that you will have recourses when you need them, is by limiting their usage.

What would happen if you shared a server with someone who abused the bandwidth? All the other websites would have problems in loading or more serious ones.

By limiting the resources of our packages, we force those who need more to move to a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server. In This way an abuser is not a threat neither to your service, nor  your uptime.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Server packages offer full management and autonomy. They mostly address professionals, reassuring that the resources are used by you and your services Υou can even pick the Operating System (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows and more). The Operating System choice is up to the project architecture and the technologies used to make it happen.

Check carefully the unlimited packaging pages. They should all have a small asterisk somewhere, stating a fare usage policy.

We don’t want that.

Remeber, limited can’t become unlimited.

But unlimited can become limited!