Backorder a Domain Name

Doesn’t it belong to you?

Get it when it’s available!

The Domain Backorder service is responsible for following a non-available .gr domain name and registering it once it becomes available. This is a way to ensure that you will be the first to get it as soon as it is available.

However, following a domain name is a challenging procedure with no guaranteed results. Kapaweb bears no responsibility in case the registration is unsuccessful.

The backorder service costs 15 € plus the value of the domain name. A domain name remains in a backorder status until the service is completed.

In case that the domain is not registered successfully or the service was cancelled, you will be charged with 2 €. The rest of your payment will be credited to your account in order to be used in your next kapaweb order.

Click here to sign-in or sign-up to the kapaweb control panel, and claim your Domain Name!

Using the backorder service, you accept the above terms and conditions.

All prices do not include the 24% VAT.


How much does it cost?

It costs 15 € if the domain is registered successfully and 2 € if it’s not.

What if the domain is renewed?

In such case, nothing happens! The backorder remains active and will run at the next expiration date.

What if I cancel the backorder?

You will be charged with 2 €.

What if I want a domain which was already backordered by another customer?

Then you can do nothing about it.

Why can't I add a backorder?

There can be up to three reasons for that to happen:

1 – Another customer has backordered the same Domain Name.

2 – kapaweb has already 30 backordered Domains for the specific date.

3 – You can’t add one at the date that the Domain Name becomes available .