Marketing is more complex than ever

Post By in general on Oct 14, 2019

More channels, more content, more formats. If you’re a marketer, this likely sounds familiar to you. Today, marketing teams have a dizzying array of digital tools and tactics at their disposal to reach more people, more frequently, and more precisely—all with the goal of winning more customers.

But across this sea of digital channels, media formats, and tools, the day-to-day work of marketers has grown exponentially—both in volume and complexity. It used to be that you’d run seasonal campaigns throughout the year on a few channels. Now, you’re expected to deliver fresh content on a near daily basis across multiple channels in evergreen integrated campaigns.

In recent years, more technology appeared to be the answer. As of May 2017, there are almost 5,000 marketing technology (or “martech”) companies. (In 2011, there were 150.) Most of these tools, however, are built for delivering content while marketers spend the vast majority of their time planning and producing that content.

The gap between marketing technology and marketing reality is real, and marketers are struggling to stay afloat. From mapping out clear strategies and project plans to coordinating across various functions and staying up to date on campaign progress, marketers have a tangled web of work to keep track of.

And without a unified way to manage the many, many marketing activities required to successfully move from strategy to project plan and execution, it’s far too easy to have something fall through the cracks and get completely off track.

So, what can marketers do? The answer is to plan, manage, and track all your marketing processes in one place, from strategies to execution. Read on to learn how to:

  • Create marketing strategies that give clarity and focus to your team
  • Translate your strategies into clear plans and tactics so team members know who’s responsible for doing what
  • Run and manage all of your marketing activities effectively—so you can actually deliver on your strategies



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