15 Privacy Tips to Protect Your Online Life

Post By in Privacy on Mar 11, 2017

With the internet becoming a popularly growing resource, not just for fun and leisure activities but also for learning and being aware of important things, it’s becoming harder for people to understand or safeguard themselves from the threats to the privacy of their online lives. Sometimes, the lure of sharing away that bit of super interesting information, makes us blindly ignore any kind of impact that we might have on our privacy.

In such a case, it’s very important for internet citizens to understand online privacy in a way that’s applicable to their online life. This might vary depending on the type of content one is looking at.

To address this problem, the Mozilla India community launched a “Privacy Month Campaign,” which originally started in January 2016 and is repeated every January.

Most recently, other Mozilla communities joined the campaign to make a greater impact by sharing localised content. Some of these are Mozilla Italy, Brazil, Czech, Taiwan, Pakistan, Venezuela, Kenya and Hong Kong to name a few.

Here are the top privacy tips that we shared during this campaign:


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