Job Description

As a kapaweb Marketeer, you will lead our clients to success by developing and practicing a general Marketing Strategy using a combination of marketing tools and channels like Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing, SEO.

A day at work:

– We often start the day with a cup of coffee, and a small talk with the other agents to organize-prioritize today’s tasks.

– Now, let’s do our work. Keyword Research, Ad optimization, Creation of new Ad campaigns and more magic…

– Time to create some content. After we have explored-studied each aspect of our client’s domain, we will start writing Social Media and Google My Business posts, creating Marketing Banners and stuff like that.

– Lunch or Coffee Break!

– Next? Our clients! We love to keep them up to speed, and provide them with valuable insights-reports. Get ready for your upcoming zoom meeting!

What we are looking for?

Having a degree and titles is less important to us than having a passion for Internet Marketing and good work ethic. We look for an agent that doesn’t give up easily. That, he/she is always willing to learn and excel. Although some requirements do exist:

  1. You should be a fluent English speaker.
  2. Organizational skills. Task management is the key!
  3. Soft skills. We search for extrovert, sociable agents.
  4. Excellent Computer Skills

What we have to offer?

1. Flexible working hours and work from home eligibility

2. Pleasant work environment

3. Work-life balance environment

4. Evolution Opportunities

5. An Ethical and Honest company to work for

Contract Type

Let’s start with Part time – Base salary.

Office Location

Perikleous 90, Chalandri 15231

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